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SmartExporter Facts and Features

New release of SmartExporter 2018 R1
The latest version supports the SAP NetWeaver® RFC protocol and offers the new ZAUDICZ_RFC_READ_TABLE RFC module as an additional alternative to the SAP® standard components. Besides, you can now compress the data during the process of extraction. This version also introduces the new SmartExporter Data Privacy Decrypt Tool, which supports you in decrypting data you have previously encrypted during the data extraction. The tool can be used either within your SAP® system or as a standalone application.
Read the complete new features list here.

Export SAP® data simply, quickly, and reliably
SmartExporter allows you to pinpoint and export the precise SAP® data that you require for your analyses and audits. Fields of application include, for example, internal audits, digital tax auditing (GoBD), controlling, IT, and year-end audits.

Simple operation thanks to Windows application
Create your Data Requests in a familiar environment – on your own PC.

Configure it once, use it again and again
SmartExporter supports you in the complex task of selecting SAP® data. Once a Data Request specifying the required tables, joins, fields and filters is created you can save it as a favorite and reuse it anytime.

Integration into AIS TaxAudit Professional and IDEA
SmartExporter can be used as a standalone solution. However, when combined with AIS TaxAudit Professional, SmartAnalyzer and IDEA, SmartExporter identifies the precise SAP® data that you require to complete the selected audit tests. This means you do not need to be an SAP® expert.

Online and offline access
You are either connected to the SAP® system and export the SAP® data directly, or you are working offline without direct access to the SAP® system, which is often the case when completing the year-end audit for example. In such cases, you would generate a Data Request with your SmartExporter Desktop Edition and transfer it to your contact person at the company, who will provide you with the data you need. To evaluate the features and benefits of SmartExporter, especially the streamlined process when working in combination with IDEA and SmartAnalyzer, get an online demo of SmartExporter

Schedule your data exports precisely
SmartExporter allows you to schedule a data export for a specific time and carry it out at off-peak hours, e.g. at night or on weekends. You can also scale the usage of SAP® system resources to fit your specific needs.

Extract DART segments using directDART
The directDART Additional Data Source enables you to extract SAP® data according to the segment definitions of the SAP® Data Retention Tool (DART), which means that directDART extracts the data in the same structure as SAP® DART.

Protect your data
SmartExporter enables you to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To prevent unauthorized access SmartExporter observes all the settings specified in the SAP® authorization concept. SmartExporter considers all authorization objects, authorization profiles, user roles, etc. defined by your SAP® administrator at all times. Furthermore, SmartExporter allows you to encrypt and decrypt data to make sure that even if you have to extract sensitive data, you can protect it from unauthorized access or misuse.

Anonymization and pseudonymization of data
Using the Data Privacy feature of SmartExporter you can encrypt sensitive data on the SAP® system even before the extraction takes place. The anonymization and pseudonymization is done by implementing the Data Privacy feature as a separate transaction in the SmartExporter SAP® components. This way the SAP® administrator stays in full control and manipulation by the user is ruled out.

Access to archived data
With SmartExporter you can access and extract archived SAP® data. This feature comes as an additional component.

IDEA Server support
Using the SmartExporter Server Edition you can import data directly into IDEA Server. In the final step of creating a Data Request you can simply select the desired IDEA Server and the corresponding IDEA Server project. The SmartExporter Server Edition is a separate installation.

SmartExporter Server Edition
Furthermore a second scenario is supported: Automation of data extraction, e.g. in the environment of CaseWare Monitor or IDEA Server (SEA).

Manage Data Request activity
The status of the Data Requests placed in a queue can be managed and monitored. The status returns more detailed information concerning the progress of the Data Request like the date the Data Request was queued locally and on the SAP® server as well as the planned date when the Data Request will be run on the SAP® server, etc.

Extraction of reports and data from SAP® structures
In addition to the extraction of tables from databases and archives SmartExporter also supports the extraction of reports or data in so-called SAP® structures that are filled by means of SAP® business logic during runtime, such as payroll data.